Starting your puppy the right way gives a solid training foundation toward many wonderful hunting seasons together.  When working with young pups, you are able to see a drastic change in enthusiasm and ability very quickly.  Most well bred young dogs learn in a hurry what a quail is and, if started properly, turn"bird wacko".   This involves the use of a lot of birds.  When we start pups, we take them to the field daily with bird contact every time.   Discipline at this stage is not an issue as we want these pups to run, have fun,  and learn to find birds in a field without having to worry about answering to commands.   After a pup starts to point birds, and we are getting involved in the flush, we start shooting a blank gun when the pup is in pursuit of the bird.   As time goes on, we will shoot closer and closer to the pup until we are firing at the flush.

3-month-old  Bo is an American Field English Pointer  owned by Chris Young of Indianapolis, Indiana.   Bo is grandson of famed Hall of Fame Ch Elhew Snakefoot.   Watch for great things out of Bo in the years to come.  

Update:   Bo won the Open Puppy stake at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Michigan field trial at Highland, Michigan on May 19th.